Module summary


There is help out there. It is a matter of asking, looking, and then initiating. But there is help.

The following resources will provide additional helpful information on the following topics.

The Caregiver Role

A Caregiver Inventory: Questions to Consider PDF

Where to Begin Guide

The Caregivers’ Handbook

Fraser Health Handbook for Caregivers

Creating your “circle of care” PDF

Healthcare programs and services by province or territory 

Caregiving organizations in Canada

Alberta: Caregivers Alberta 

British Columbia: Family Caregivers of BC 

Nova Scotia: Caregivers Nova Scotia 


Ontario Caregivers Organization 

Young Caregivers Association

Quebec: L’Appui pour les proches aidants



Saskatchewan: Caregiver Information and Support Centre

*Additionally, the following provinces and territories offer resources and guides.

Manitoba: Information and Reference Guide

New Brunswick: Caregivers’ Guide



Newfoundland and Labrador: Information for Seniors, Families, and Caregivers

Northwest Territories: The NWT Caregivers Guide

Nunavut:  Home and Continuing Care

Yukon Territory: Caregiver’s Support Group

Prince Edward Island: Caring for Aging Parents 

Financial Support

Federal programs

Compassionate Care Benefits

Income tax credits

Veterans Affairs of Canada (VAC) Programs

Provincial/Territorial Financial Programs

Caregiver and Survivor Benefits

Palliative Care: What funding is available for palliative care patients or caregivers? 

Getting prepared: Safety and risks

Assessing the safety of your home PDF

Lifestyle and social considerations PDF

Physical and medical considerations PDF

Am I Safe: Supporting conversations about patient safety in the home

Emergency contact list PDF