Chapter 6: Other caregiving situations

Being ready for an emergency

He gave me his cell number, which was a huge relief – just to know I could call him if something happened.

It’s helpful to be prepared in case of an emergency. Talk to a healthcare provider about what situations may arise and whom to call for each situation. These could include phone numbers for health advice, paramedic home visits, or emergency services. Make a list of contact information and keep copies around your home for easy access.

Below is an emergency contact list you can print and fill in. Having these numbers handy will help you act fast in case of an emergency.


Have a small bag packed with a pair of pajamas, toothbrush, other essentials, and a copy of the person’s advance care plan, and store it in a closet with easy access. If the person requires emergency transport to a health facility, you can grab the bag and go.

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