Chapter 6: Other caregiving situations

Going the distance

Each month, I wondered, “Will this be the month when she dies?” Then I felt guilty for thinking that.

If you live far from the person who is ill and you cannot be present, you can provide care and support in a number of ways.

  • Stay connected. Schedule regular calls or virtual meetings to show the person you are interested. This may also give the person who is providing direct care a break. 
  • Help with managing appointments. If you do not live too far away, you can try to schedule appointments when you’ll be in the area to help with transportation and medical consultations.
  • Get to know their healthcare provider and ask to be kept up-to-date on medical issues if possible.
  • Investigate available local programs such as home care services, meal delivery, or transportation. Ask what you can do to help set these up.
  • Some healthcare providers use virtual care technology to include family members who live far away in the patient’s visits. Ask if this is possible.

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