Chapter 5: Getting prepared: Safety and risks

Lifestyle and social considerations

I felt supported because I talked to friends on the phone, but I think Henry felt so isolated and alone. What happened to all his golf buddies? It was like they scattered when he got sick.

Similar to assessing your living space for the purposes of increasing safety and comfort, assessing your lifestyle (and that of the people who share your living space) can help you identify situations that, with some modifications, can increase your safety and comfort and ease some of the caregiving responsibilities and worries.

Below is a checklist to help you assess your current lifestyle. Think about each one and assess if it is somehow applicable to you, the person who is ill, or anyone else living or visiting in the home. *In the “Helpful resources” section, you will find a summary PDF of this assessment (Lifestyle and social considerations) of this assessment that you can download and print for future use.

For each question below, answer yes or no, and consider any thoughts or comments you may have about it.

Will either of us be socially isolated?

How will we stay connected with others?

Helpful resources