Chapter 5: Getting prepared: Safety and risks

The home: Space and place

She moved to the bedroom on the main floor because the stairs were a problem. I slept upstairs.

Ensuring that the home is safe and comfortable for the person who is ill and for you is an important first step in caregiving. Some simple changes to the home may help to:

  • Increase safety for you and the person who is ill.
  • Streamline or simplify care.

Below are several considerations and questions to help you assess your home space. Think about each one and determine if it may pose a safety risk to either you, the person who is ill, or anyone else living or visiting in the home. *In the “Helpful resources” section, you will find a summary PDF of this assessment (Assessing the home for safety) that you can download and print for future use.

Click each category phrase below for some questions to consider.

For each question below, answer yes or no, and consider any thoughts or comments you may have about it.

Are there pets that present a safety issue?

Are there any weapons (or items that could become weapons)?

Are all essential utilities (heat, water, hydro) working?

​​ Helpful resources