Chapter 2: Who’s on your team?

Healthcare providers

I asked her doctor to explain what medications we might likely need as things progressed. He was so supportive and took time to explain how people manage in the home.

Which healthcare providers are involved in care will depend upon the health services available where you live and how the illness is affecting the person who is ill. While each member of the team has distinct roles, everyone on the team has a role to play in these areas:

  • The physical and emotional well-being of the person who is ill and of the family.
  • Ensuring that cultural needs of the person who is ill are identified and supported.

Whether you are caregiving from home or helping with caregiving in a facility, a healthcare team will consist of a combination of providers who can be there to help. Below are some of the different and varied roles of healthcare professionals who may be part of the team.

Healthcare team

*Depending on where you live, home care or home visiting programs may be available to assist you in providing care.