Module overview


When you are providing care for someone with a serious illness or condition, recognizing and responding to symptoms and health concerns is a helpful part of supporting them. This module will provide an overview of some common symptoms or concerns that might be experienced.

This module includes:

  • A downloadable symptom tracker and suggestions for how to use it
  • Information about symptoms, possible causes, questions a healthcare provider may ask, how the symptom might be managed, and suggestions to help

Please note: This module in not intended to be completed from start to finish although you can do so if you wish. You might choose to read only about symptoms that are relevant to the person you are caring for only. If symptoms change or you wish to view the full module, you can return to it at any time. We do suggest however, you read chapter 1 before selecting the symptom(s) or concern(s) you wish to explore.


This module is intended to provide general information only and is not meant to replace the medical advice provided by healthcare providers involved in the person’s care.