Chapter 5: Your changing relationships with other people


A lot of people who were there at the beginning seemed to forget. After the first year, they weren’t there anymore. Only one friend stayed with me to support me after the first year. It was as though people thought I should have gotten over it after the first year. That was very hurtful.

Depending on your situation, you may have children and/or extended family. You may have a network of close friends, colleagues, work associates (yours and/or your partner’s) or may be part of a faith group or community. To varying degrees and in different ways, all of these people will also have been impacted by your partner’s death. At the same time, you and others in your life will be dealing with the resulting changes to roles, relationships, and interactions among you.

At some point, you may notice that your relationships with other people, and perhaps with the world, are shifting. You may have moments or even hours where your grief lightens. You may enjoy a meal, a laugh, or the company of someone new.

This chapter examines some of the relationships and situations that may present you with both challenges and opportunities, and offers suggestions to help you find your way through the changes.

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