Chapter 3: Identifying your losses


I've been there
Bonnie talks about facing the especially difficult days of grief. (3:22)Video transcript
I don’t have a reason to cook a nice meal or buy a bottle of wine now.

I miss being somebody’s somebody. I miss the closeness we shared and knowing that no matter what, we always had each other.

Grief is often a time of significant change. When you are grieving your partner’s death, you are not only grieving the loss of their presence in the here and now, but also the loss of your future with them. You may already be aware of what this means in terms of change and what has been lost, and over time, you may become aware of additional layers of loss. New thoughts and feelings may come up.

This chapter looks at some of the changes that may have resulted from your spouse’s death. Although these can be challenging and may not be welcome, you may discover not only ways of coping but also opportunities for growth and, sometimes, unexpected gifts.