Chapter 4: Your changing relationship with your husband, wife, or partner


I enjoy talking about him if someone brings his name up. I’m not afraid to talk about him or be emotional around people when I do that. I accept that and I see the pain that I feel as a tribute to how much I loved him and how significant his loss is in my life.

I think I will always grieve for them – in the same way that I will always love them.

While death ends a life, it does not end the relationship. After your partner’s death, your relationship will be different. For many people, it remains an important a part of their life.

Every relationship is different. The nature of your relationship will affect your thoughts and feelings as you grieve. As you shift toward “I,” there are likely to be parts of your “we” identity that you will carry forward in your life.

This chapter invites you to reflect on the relationship you have had with your spouse and to think about ways you might bring parts of them forward with you.