Chapter 2: Grief after pregnancy or infant loss

When others don’t acknowledge your grief

We need to talk about it more. I’ve met so many people who’ve lost their babies early in their pregnancy. We just continue going to work, listening to other people’s problems, while this silent pain occupies our everything.

You may find that other people do not recognize or acknowledge your grief, which may leave you feeling alone or misunderstood. For example, you may not have told family or friends about your pregnancy or loss; or they may want you to “get over it.” You may be confronted by comments from family or friends that downplay your loss and the grief that you feel.

Some people may not have known that you were pregnant. Others may not understand the depth of your grief or the meaning of this loss for you. Although many people mean well, what they say can feel hurtful and leave you wondering if you are somehow “wrong” to feel or think as you do.

It can be hard to know who and how to ask for support or help.

How can perinatal palliative care help with your grief?

Watch the videos now.

Megan explains perinatal palliative care and the support provided to parents and families (1:27).

Megan talks about how the palliative care team supports parents (1:46).