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Contributors and partners

We are thankful to those who gave their time to develop this module, including those who were interviewed and provided content review.

We are grateful to those who generously shared very personal stories to assist others during this difficult time of life. Thank you to the experts who also shared their wisdom.

Who developed

Development Team

Jenni Aitken, MSW, RSW - BC

A. E. (Betty) Andersen - BC

Angèle Bénard - ON

Camryn Berry - ON

Erin Crawford, BA, MA, LLB - MB

Nathan Christie - ON

Irene Emerick - BC

Eunice Gorman - ON

Joy Greenleese - ON

Beth Helliar - MB

Serena Lewis, MSW, RSW - NS

Riley Malvern - ON

Margaret Matheson - NS

Sarah McGuire - ON

Jim Mulcahy - NS

Sharron Spencer - ON

Chris Summerville

Genevieve Thompson, RN, PhD - MB

Natalie Wilton - ON

Mary - ON

Video Contributors

Jenni Aitken, MSW, RSW - BC

A. E. (Betty) Andersen - BC

Catherine Bélanger - ON

Elizabeth Causton - BC

Laura Cowan - ON

Alan Churchill - BC

Jocelyn Gall - ON

Sheila Gervais - ON

Joy Greenleese - ON

David Henderson, MD, CCFP(PC) - NS

Chris MacKinnon, PhD, OPQ - QC

Julie Markham - ON

Margaret Matheson - NS

Jim Mulcahy - NS

Fred Nelson, MSW, RSW - MB

Glen Paulley - ON

Gary David Quinton - MB

Kelli Stadjuhar - BC

George Stewardson - BC

Genevieve Thompson, RN, PhD

Gail Turner - QC

Ladislav Volicer, MD, PHD

Kelly - QC

* 5 people who participated in telephone interviews