Chapter 2: A different kind of loss


The grief expert says
Alex speaks about the ways suicide loss is different than other types of losses.(3:22)Video transcript
Roy speaks about how experiencing the loss of a loved one by suicide is forever changing.(3:22)Video transcript

I’m surprised by how much in mourning I still am, even after all of this time.

My grief feels so different this time around. I thought I knew what it was like to lose someone, but his death has shown me how different grief can be.

After every death by suicide, there are a number of people left in its wake whose lives may be changed forever. If someone you know has died by suicide, or if you care about someone who is grieving this loss, it is important to recognize and understand the complex nature of grief after suicide. In the face of a sudden, unexpected, hard-to-understand loss, those left behind must find their way through emotional upheaval, and through what are often changed relationships and trauma-related reactions.

This can be a time when your life is being turned upside down and very little is predictable. You may be experiencing intense emotions that come in waves and can be triggered unexpectedly. Your grief may be complicated if supports you had come to rely on in the past are uncertain or unavailable. 

The “ebb and flow” of grief, although normal, can last for some time and leave you feeling uncertain about your future. Knowing that grief comes and goes may help you to get through difficult times.

This chapter explores some of the possible impacts after a death by suicide.