Module summary


I still miss him, sometimes intensely, but I carry not only memories but also his spirit with me every day. I’m grateful for the part of me that came from him.

Your relationship with your friend who has died is unique. It may be very different from other friendships you have or unlike the one that others may have had with your friend. You may be feeling the loss of your friend very deeply, knowing that you will never again have such a friend; or you may be struggling with conflicting thoughts and feelings about the relationship.

As time passes, you may notice other losses related to your friend’s death. These may be significant but go unrecognized by other people. Understanding the meaning and importance of this friendship is an essential part of your grief, both for you and for those whose support you.

Other people who knew your friend will be grieving their losses as well. This can be an opportunity to come together to share memories and stories, and to provide support to one another. This can also be a time that requires patience and kindness, as each person will grieve in their own way and time.

As you move forward in your life, you may discover ways to carry your friend and your friendship with you. This can be a source of comfort and new growth as you identify what has and has not been lost.

If you’re struggling with difficult or confusing feelings, it’s important to find someone who can help you sort them out. If friends and family are not able to help you, consult with your family physician or a grief counsellor, or seek out a peer support group for others who are grieving.