Chapter 5: How your loss may affect your relationships with others


My mom doesn’t just grieve the loss of her granddaughter; she grieves the loss of her daughter and not being to help me as she has in the past. That’s the part that my mom has struggled with the most, and it has had an impact on our relationship.   

Your parent(s) may feel doubly grieved as they witness you mourn your loss while they also mourn the loss of their grandchild. In their efforts to try to make you feel better, and because they likely wish so much for you to “be okay,” comments meant to be encouraging and hopeful for the future may seem hurtful or dismissive. You may wish to tell them what would be helpful. You could also refer them to this resource.

What may help

  • If you find a parent’s grief to be overwhelming, you might consider asking other family members to help.
  • You may also need to encourage your parent(s) to find and use other supports.