Pregnancy and infant loss series


We’ve been told that we need to move on, but we will never move on. We can only move forward with our daughter. The hardest thing is to parent a baby that is not earthside. She is our angel baby.

Any pregnancy or infant loss, whether this happened early, in the later stages of your pregnancy, or once your child was born, is a tremendous loss, and you will likely grieve for your anticipated child and the hopes you had. It is important to give yourself the time, space, and, wherever possible, support to help you grieve your loss.

This resource will provide you with some supportive strategies and gentle suggestions to help you navigate your grief during the first days, weeks, and beyond. You will find ideas on how to ask for support from the people you know and seek support from professional and outside resources, as well as some creative examples of ways you could memorialize and honour your baby. You will also briefly look at how your family relationships may be impacted by your loss and see other parents candidly share their own experiences of grief and how they have lived with this loss.