Chapter 3: As time goes on

If you are feeling “stuck”

The grief expert says
Carol speaks about grief over time and about grief work. (3:22)Video transcript

I realized that you can’t always be in acute grief.

I wondered if it was okay to see friends, watch a movie, or have a good time.

Some people experience a very high level of distress when grieving or feel stuck in their grief.  Click the arrows to some signs that you may be “stuck.”

 What may help

  • Remember that grief does not move along a straight line but instead moves in spirals, allowing you time to adjust to changes.
  • Try to set small, achievable goals for yourself. These can be as small as emptying the dishwasher or stepping outside for a few minutes. Once you achieve these small goals, you can build on them and add new ones at your own pace. Consider keeping a record of your progress. This can help you to rebuild confidence and hope for the future.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, or if close family or friends become worried about you, seek help from your healthcare provider or a professional who is trained and experienced in early pregnancy or perinatal loss, and who can help you to manage your distress.   

     Helpful Resources
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