Chapter 3: Living without my spouse or partner

Making decisions on my own

Do I sell the home or not? I don’t know what to do. On the one hand, I love this home of 40 years and don’t want any more change. On the other hand, it is too big, I am afraid of having to do repairs, and I can just barely afford it.

When your life partner dies, you often lose your confidante and best friend.

Your spouse or partner confirmed your choices or helped you to think about alternatives. Alone you can feel very unsure, indecisive, and even panicky that you will make a mistake.

Another challenge after the loss of a partner is to build self-confidence in your decision-making.

It may take time to build the self-confidence to deal with whatever comes your way. Give yourself permission to ask other reliable people for advice, and think about what your spouse or partner might have advised. To our surprise, we often discover that we can access the person's voice within us.