Chapter 1: Triggers of grief

Managing triggers of grief

I've been there
Dianne reveals what triggered her grief. (3:22)Video transcript
Meaza discusses when reminders are difficult.(3:22)Video transcript

It is important to find a balance between avoiding your grief and addressing your grief.  If something triggers distress, it might be time to take a break.

Curiously, if you take too long a time out, you might start to feel stress. The only way to relieve this is to return to the tasks that address your grief!

Commonly people find they must balance their time between confronting their loss and taking a break from grieving.

Addressing your grief Taking a break
Plan the memorial
Watch television
Deal with the estate
Go for a walk
Talk to family or friends
Take a vacation
Have dinner with friends
See a therapist
Complete a home improvement project
Join a support group
Go shopping
Sort through the belongings
Surf the Internet for fun
Ask for help
Reminisce and remember the person
Take a new class
Keep a personal journal
Start a yoga or meditation program
 Learn new skills related to grief  Spend time in nature