Chapter 3: Help with mobility and movement

Making the bed with someone in it

I had to change the bed so many times, I actually got really good at it! It was a bit harder with her in it, but I did learn to do that too.

As an illness progresses, the person who is ill may need to remain in bed, and you will need to change the linens with them there. There is a technique for doing this. Click on each phrase below to review the steps involved.

  1. If the person has a catheter (or other tubing you moved earlier), transfer it to the other side of the bed.
  2. Help the person roll over to the other side of the bed, taking extra care as you move them over the rolls of linens.
  3. Remove the soiled linens.
  4. Stretch the clean linens to the other side of the bed and tuck them in. Repeat this for all the clean linens. Ensure you smooth out all wrinkles as they may cause discomfort for person who is ill.
  5. Straighten out the flat turning sheet and the moisture pad as before.
  6. Gently roll the person who is ill back to the middle of the bed.
  7. Reposition the person into a more comfortable position; use pillows as needed.
  8. Change the pillowcases.
  9. Wash your hands.

Watch the video for a demonstration and tips on making the bed with someone in it.

Making a Bed with Someone in It from Canadian Virtual Hospice on Vimeo.