Chapter 1: Personal hygiene


Some aspects of my wife’s care were awkward, but sometimes we both managed to have a laugh in between crying. We tried to keep our sense of humour intact – that had gotten us through some hard times before, and we really needed it now. It was between us only and kept us bonded just a little longer.

Personal grooming and hygiene are something we all take for granted. You can encourage the person who is ill to continue attending to their personal hygiene and grooming as much as they can to help preserve their confidence. However, as the illness advances, it may become more difficult and eventually impossible for them to look after all their needs.

Helping the person who is ill stay fresh and clean will help them feel more comfortable and is an important part of helping them feel their best. You may find that some of your time each day may be spent helping the person who is ill with different aspects of personal hygiene. 

This chapter will outline different techniques and provide safe “how to” demonstrations you can use for helping person who is ill stay fresh and comfortable.