Chapter 1: Personal hygiene

Help with toileting – In the bathroom

My dad insisted he go to the washroom himself. It took a lot of effort and a long time for him to get there, but it was worth seeing him keep some of his independence. It was important to him.

If person who is ill is able to get to the bathroom, you can help by ensuring the environment is safe. Address the following questions:

  • Are there grip rails by the toilet to help return to a standing position?

  • Is the toilet paper within easy reach?

  • Is the floor dry?

  • Is there a clear path to the bathroom? Enough light?

  • Have bath mats been removed from the floor?

In addition, consider the height of the toilet. Is it too low? If it is, you may be able to find a special toilet seat used to raise the level of the toilet. The seat fits onto the regular seat and can be bought at a store that sells medical aids and devices.


Some people may leak small amounts of urine between regular visits to the bathroom. This is called incontinence. Several options are available to manage incontinence. Click the arrows below to see some of these options.