Module overview


At times, she was angry, paranoid that I was taking over, but eventually she realized it was more than she could manage.

A big part of your at-home care will involve keeping the person who is ill as comfortable as possible. This will include some personal hygiene tasks, as well as meal preparation with an awareness of food sensitivities, intolerances, and changes in preferences and appetites. You also may need to help with mobility both in and out of bed, which can put some physical strain on you.

This module will explore strategies and techniques to help keep you and the person who is ill safe and comfortable. You will learn:

  • Strategies to help with meal planning and food preparation plus some simple meal and snack ideas.
  • Tips to help when the appetite of the person who is ill starts to wane.
  • Techniques with video demonstrations on how to safely assist the person who is ill with movement as their illness progresses. This includes strategies to help them walk, move from bed to a chair, sit up in bed, move in bed from their back to their side, and move in bed so that you can change linens.