Chapter 3: Grieving the loss of your parent

Special days or events

I’ve been there
Lynn speaks about the daily hurdles of missing her father and about navigating Christmas since his death.(3:22)Video transcript

I was dreading my dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, and Hannukah – all of the “firsts.” In the end, it’s the anniversary of his death that I’ve found so hard – I just keep reliving the days leading up to when he died.

You may find that there are certain days or events that are difficult – birthdays, family celebrations, holidays, as well as the anniversary of your parent’s death. Many people find that the days and weeks leading up to the day or event are the hardest. You may think that once you have gone through the “first” birthday, anniversary, etc., it will get easier. For some this is true, but for others it remains challenging. 

Start by acknowledging to yourself and others that this day will be hard. Enlist the help of family and friends in creating options to make things easier. Click the arrows below for some suggestions.

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