Chapter 5: Your grandparent’s belongings

Should you offer to help?

I wasn’t part of going through my nan’s things because my mom and my aunts took care of that. But my mom did ask me if there was anything special I wanted to remember nanna. There was. I am so grateful I got to keep something that was important to me.

It might be that your grandparent’s things have been left pretty much as they were when they died. If so, it may be that the person they lived with or whoever is responsible for doing this feels immobilized and doesn’t know where to begin. It’s also possible they find great comfort right now in leaving things as they are. Try not to make assumptions.


If you would like to help or be involved, gently let the person responsible for your grandparent’s belongings know you would be willing to help if and when they ever want to begin. Emphasize that you are offering to help only if they want help and that you are not implying that they need to do it now.