Chapter 2: Impact of your grandparent’s death on you


I've been there
Claire speaks about her Grampy and how much she loved him. (3:22)Video transcript

When he died, I felt like I didn’t just lose my grandpa, but I also lost my biggest fan, the person who was forever in my corner.

My Grampy was my Dad's father. He was the kindest man I ever met. He was really special to me. While I was growing up, he came to my birthday parties and he liked spending time with us at our cottage. I really loved him.


The way that your grandparent’s death affects you will depend on several factors, such as your unique relationship with them; the roles you had in one another’s lives; your health and theirs; and how they died. You may also be dealing with other events or challenges in your life at this time, which may interfere with your grief, or you may have had other losses that you are now revisiting. Feeling supported in your grief is important in helping you to move through it.

This chapter explores some of these factors in greater detail. You’ll find examples of thoughts and feelings that you may experience, along with reasons why other people may not acknowledge or understand your loss. Suggestions are offered to help you cope with your grief.