Chapter 4: Supporting children

How to support children

I’ve been there
Cath explains learning about grief as a childhood lesson.(3:22)Video transcript
Cath remembers calling her daughter when her Gumpa died.(3:22)Video transcript
Cath describes how the children took part in the funeral.(3:22)Video transcript

When it comes to feelings, it helps to "name them to tame them.”

I know my children are grieving too. It’s sometimes hard to have the right words, but I let them know that they can come and speak with me whenever they want or need to. I do my best to answer their questions and to listen even though I’m grieving too. 

Let children know that you are there to listen to their fears, worries, and emotions.

By providing honest and clear information about what is happening, misconceptions and fear can be settled. This can open up further conversations where feelings can be shared, and a trusting relationship is reinforced.  Below are some basic tips and strategies you can try in supporting your children.

This image lists tips and strategies that you can try in supporting your children.