Chapter 3: Impact of the death on family relationships

Your other grandparent

I've been there
Claire speaks about helping her Nana in her grief.(3:22)Video transcript

My grandfather was so sad after Grandma died. After a couple of years, he sold the big house and moved to a small hobby farm. He tinkers a lot in his little workshop and I think he is at peace, but I know he is lonely and misses her.

Your grandparent’s spouse may have always been your grandparent, or they may have become your grandparent through a later marriage. Depending on the relationship you have had with this person, you may be concerned for them and want to find ways to support them.

It’s also possible that because of family dynamics or because you don’t live near your surviving grandparent, you don’t have a strong connection with this person. You may wish to simply offer your condolences.