Chapter 2: Impact of your grandparent’s death on you

Your grandparent’s health and death

I've been there
Claire shares about when she learned that her Grampy was ill and had died.(3:22)Video transcript

Even though my grandfather was 88, his illness and death were a complete shock to all of us because he had been such a healthy and vibrant man. We thought when his time came, he would die peacefully in his sleep. It was so hard to see the way my gramps died.

The specific circumstances of your grandparent’s death, as well as their health and state of mind, can all impact your grief. Below are some examples. Click each phrase to read more.

If your grandparent died after a long life and was in good health until the end, you may have expected that their death would seem natural and easy to accept. Whether they died a “natural” death or died as the result of a sudden, unexpected event, you may feel shocked and deeply saddened.

You may have many memories of your grandparent when they had no issues with their health, or you may be struggling to remember what they were like before they became ill. Your grandparent may have told you or others that they were ready to die. You may or may not have been ready to hear this.

What may help

Take time to acknowledge your losses and how they may be affecting you.

Look to supportive family or friends who can listen to you when you want to share thoughts and feelings.