Module summary


When one of your co-workers has died, everyone in your workplace will be affected. Whether your co-worker was one of your good friends or someone you barely knew, the unique relationship you had with them affects how you grieve. Other factors include how they died and how you learned of their death. If you work in healthcare, there are likely to be additional impacts.

As you look for ways to cope with what has happened, it’s important to pay attention to your own grief response and to that of others around you. Your own understanding of the impact of this death, as well the understanding of others, will influence how you cope.

Many people who are grieving find it helpful to be involved in activities that honour the memory of the person who has died. Keep in mind that everyone has their own way of grieving and remembering someone, and do what is helpful to you.

If you are a workplace leader, your staff will look to you for guidance or direction during this time. Seek assistance if you need it and invite your staff to contribute ideas and help plan how to honour the person who died. Remember to attend to your own grief and seek additional support if you need it, from your manager or from outside resources.