Chapter 4: If you are a leader at work

Providing support in your workplace

I was in a management position but didn’t really know what to do about Seth’s death in terms of my team. It was really helpful to consult with a grief counsellor in our community, who suggested that I pull my staff together for a conversation about what would be helpful.

Your staff will look to you, as a leader, for guidance or direction after a co-worker has died. Keep in mind that everyone has their own way of grieving. What is helpful for one person may not be so for another, so it’s important that everyone feels free to choose from the support that is available.

Below are some considerations and suggestions. Click on each phrase to read more.

Don’t forget about your own grief response. Seek support for yourself from family, friends, your family physician, or a counsellor. Being a leader does not mean that you should show no emotion. On the contrary, many of your staff will appreciate it if you express your thoughts and feelings, and grieve along with them.

Helpful resources
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