Chapter 4: If you are a leader at work

Ways to honour or remember the person

I’ve been there
Sheila speaks about grieving with Mauril's wife Catherine and being involved in projects to honour his legacy. (3:22)Video transcript

We collected money and had a local artist paint a picture of her favourite flowers. We hung it in the staff room in her memory. I think even those who never knew her appreciated the painting and the caring behind it. She would have loved it and I know it helped us in our grief.

It’s important to provide opportunities for your staff to plan and participate in activities that honour the memory of the person who has died. It’s equally important that everyone feels free to choose whether or not to participate.

If there is a funeral or celebration of life during normal working hours, attendance may not be possible for everyone. Consider rearranging schedules so that those who wish to can attend, or create other opportunities for staff to come together.