Chapter 2: Factors that may affect your grief

Your relationship with your co-worker

The grief expert says
Serena explains that death does not end a relationship but rather changes it.(3:22)Video transcript
I've been there
Sheila shares how she lost her go-to person when her colleague Mauril died. (3:22)Video transcript

We were friends outside of work. He was married with two children, but he was very thoughtful and caring toward me and would invite me to family gatherings during the holidays so that I wouldn’t be on my own.

I didn’t really know her, but other co-workers were really close to her. I did my best to support them as I could see they were hurting.

Your unique relationship

How you are impacted by the death of a co-worker depends very much on the relationship you had with them and on the role(s) they had in your workplace. You may experience various losses, some of which may not be obvious right away. For example: