Chapter 4: Why am I feeling this way?

What was your relationship like?

Everyone thinks he was a great guy, but I know secrets about him that were very hard to live with.
Relationships are complex and it is common to feel mixed emotions after a death. Grieving a relationship based on years of trust, loyalty and support is very different from grieving one filled with anger, secrecy or even abuse. Not all "loved ones" are indeed loved.

You might have mixed emotions if your relationship was difficult. You might be left trying to make sense of troubling experiences or harsh words. You might also find you are grieving the loss of hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled and never will be.

She was so kind and caring. How am I going to survive without her?

When the relationship was exceptionally close, you can feel lost without the person who has died. You are forced to learn a whole new set of skills in their physical absence.