Chapter 4: About grief

About grief

The grief expert says
Fred talks about how we all do our grieving in our own way. (3:22)Video transcript

It was lonely before because I was losing the person he was, but now I don’t have him even sitting here anymore.

Grief is a normal response to loss that is often misunderstood. Whenever you lose someone or something important to you, you grieve, but not always in the same way. Some losses are more significant than others and have a greater impact on you. Click on the arrows below to reveal some facts about grief.

Your feelings may surprise you and may not fit with your previous experience of grief. You may have not felt much at first but now feel that grief is taking up your entire life. You may be grieving for the past and wondering about the future.

Not everyone expresses their grief in the same way. Even those experiencing the same loss may grieve differently. They might be overcome by sorrow or anger, talk openly or close down, get “busy,” or avoid people altogether. You may feel alone in your grief if others appear to have a different response to the loss.