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We are thankful to those who gave their time to develop this module, including those who were interviewed and provided content review.

We are grateful to those who generously shared very personal stories to assist others during this difficult time of life. Thank you to the experts who also shared their wisdom.

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Development Team

Kim Carlick

Josh Dahling - BC

Leanne Drad - MB

Clare Freeman - ON

Jessica Lowe - BC

Fred Nelson, MSW, RSW - MB

Irene Simard - MB

Sharron Spencer - ON

Marney Thompson, MA, RCC - BC

Lisa Tipper - SK

Laurel Toews - ON

Dr. Lori Triano-Antidormi - ON

Video Contributors

Roy Ellis - NS

Cait Glasson - ON

Susan Jessop - ON

Sue K - ON

Esther Kalaba - QC

Serena Lewis, MSW, RSW - NS

Jessica Lowe - BC

Joanna Lundy - BC

Chris MacKinnon, PhD, OPQ - QC

Fred Nelson, MSW, RSW - MB

Leah Parsons - NS

Marc Pitre - QC

Lucy R - QC

Alex Shendelman - ON

Marney Thompson, MA, RCC - BC


* 3 people who participated in telephone interviews



Weeping Willow

Rob Jung's sculpture Weeping Willow was inspired by the loss of many parents, including the losses of parents in his community and his own. Weeping Willow encompasses the grief of loss, the sadness, and the feeling of love unfinished. She sits at the meditation garden at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery just outside Melfort, Saskatchewan, to show people they aren’t alone. We thank Rob for his permission to use this sculpture as the image for this module.