Chapter 3: Challenges you may face

Loss of trust or confidence

The grief expert says
Alex speaks about how a death that was "random" often impacts people's sense of safety in the world for some time.(3:22)Video transcript
I've been there
Joanna speaks about how she tries to make changes in the system that will help other families.(3:22)Video transcript

Relationships became difficult for me because I felt that I couldn’t relate to people. I felt like no one would understand even if I did.

A traumatic experience can lessen your trust in others and yourself, a loss that can negatively affect your interpersonal interactions and your grief. You may experience some of the following:

What may help

  • If you or others notice that you are withdrawing, it’s important to make the effort to reach out to supportive family and friends. Use your best judgment, and choose people who have shown themselves to be trustworthy in the past.
  • Doubts and suspicions can increase your general sense of negativity. If you are feeling increasingly discouraged and have lost confidence in yourself or others, seek out a professional counsellor with training in grief and trauma.