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Contributors and partners

We are thankful to those who gave their time to develop this module, including those who were interviewed and provided content review.

We are grateful to those who generously shared very personal stories to assist others during this difficult time of life. Thank you to the experts who also shared their wisdom.

Who developed

Development Team

Larah Cline - MB

Emily Cordonier - BC

Leah Day - ON

Lisa Dean - MB

Andrea Duncan - MB

Gary Duncan - MB

Allison Harris - MB

Shelly Hermer, MSW, RSW - ON

Zoe Kahn - ON

Michelle La Fontaine, BAA, CLStDipl - ON

Andrea Meredith - MB

Katie Monteith - ON

Carol Openshaw, BSW, MSW, RSW - ON

Lesley Sabourin, RN, CHPCN(c) - ON

Rob Samulack - ON

Kylie Schibli - ON

Mike Wheeler - ON

Courtney Worden - MB

Megan Wright - ON

Amanda Valente - ON

Stephanie Veldhuijzen van Zanten, MD, FRCPC - ON

Terri - MB

Video Contributors

Megan Doherty - ON

Zoe Kahn - ON

Chris MacKinnon, PhD OPQ - QC

Heather McCain - BC

Fred Nelson, MSW, RSW - MB

Carol Openshaw, BSW, MSW, RSW - ON

Kimberley Waara - ON

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* 10 people who participated in telephone interviews


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