Chapter 2: Children’s grief

How children grieve

I read about kids’ grief and we also did some counselling with our paediatrician and our kids. She said that studies had shown that having something tangible was helpful to children. So I ordered a necklace for each kid with their sister's name on it.

In your family, each child’s response may also depend on what they thought or felt about having a new brother or sister. A child may not have thought about what a new baby would be like. Some children may not respond at all to a pregnancy or infant loss because their world has not changed very much. All of this is normal.

When children grieve, they do this differently than adults. Below are some of the key characteristics specific to children’s grief. Click on each of the phrases below to read more.


Helpful resources - Canadian Virtual Hospice, talking with kids and teens about  serious illness, dying and death.