Pregnancy and infant loss series


I didn’t want people to try to brush away the pain, hurry it up, or try to fast forward me into the future. I wanted people to be with what I was feeling, to say “how horrible.”

When someone you know has experienced a pregnancy loss or the death of an infant, it can be difficult to know what to say or to do to help.  Sometimes the worry of saying or doing the wrong thing prevents showing support in ways that could be helpful or meaningful. Most people, whether grandparents or other relatives, friends or colleagues, want to be there and to show their support. 

It can also be difficult to talk to and support children who have been impacted by the loss. It is particularly difficult for parents themselves to explain to the child that their anticipated new sibling will not be a living part of their family.

You cannot take away the pain, but you can help buoy those who are grieving with your presence and support. This module will provide you with some tips and strategies that can help you in supporting someone through their loss. It will also explore some best practices for talking to and supporting children who have been affected.