Chapter 4: What’s different about grief after MAiD?

If you didn’t agree with their decision to have MAiD

What the grief expert says
Fred talks about when families are upset with a loved one's decision to have MAID.(3:22)Video transcript

He was giving up too easily. He was choosing to leave us before he had to. Didn’t he understand how much we needed him?

If you didn’t agree with the person’s decision to have MAiD, this can be very challenging for you. You are grieving their death and also experiencing distress about how they died. You may have found it hard to understand why they were making this choice. It may be because your beliefs and values differed from theirs. You might have had conversations together about this, or not. Others may have agreed with the decision, and you may be feeling isolated and alone in your grief.

What may help

It may be helpful to remind yourself that the person chose when they would die, but they did not choose their incurable medical condition.

Consider seeking support from an experienced grief counsellor, a MAiD-specific support group, your healthcare provider, or a faith leader.