Chapter 1: An introduction to grief

Everyone grieves in their own way

The grief expert says
Fred talks about how we all do our grieving differently.(3:22)Video transcript

Grief is unique. No two people experience or express their grief in the same way. Members of the same family may grieve in different ways: being overcome by sorrow, getting “busy”, closing down, or avoiding people, places, or situations. You may feel alone if others appear to have a different response to the loss.

Grief affects our emotions, our thinking, and our behaviour. It also affects how our bodies feel.

What affects your grief

Many factors impact your grief. Click on the arrows below to reveal what may affect your grief.


It’s not just one loss

You may experience a variety of losses with one death. These are referred to as “secondary” losses. These losses are connected to your relationship and the role the person had in your life, and the one you played in theirs, such as caregiver, trusted advisor, cook, travel companion, handy person, driver, financial expert, mentor.