Chapter 4: Conversations at the end of life


The grief expert says
Fred Nelson, social worker, shares a story about the benefits of difficult discussions. (3:22)Video transcript
I've been there
Neenu talks about making memories before death. (3:22)Video transcript

Talking with the dying person and your family at the end of life is not easy. Your grief may be intense or you may be fearful of talking about their illness and death. These conversations can be further complicated by:

  • Unresolved issues and conflict.
  • Delirium or confusion.
  • The dying person's level of consciousness.
  • A wish to keep the imminent death secret from the person who is dying and from other family members.
  • The dying person's wish to talk (or not talk) about his illness and death.
On the next few pages, you will find suggestions that might help with these challenging conversations.