Chapter 2: What can I do?

Celebrating life

We aren't particularly religious. But music has always been an important part of family gatherings.

Traditions can help us find and create the meaning and connection in our lives that we all need.  For some, spiritual and religious practices provide this comfort and security.

Think about ways to build memories that will help celebrate the dying person’s life. Ask to hear important stories from his or her life.

Think of a way to record these stories. What will remind you of all that you have shared together?

What family traditions and stories are meaningful to you?

  • Make a family photo album together.
  • Watch family movies.
  • Write down family stories together.
  • Share music that is important to your family.
A nurse, doctor, counsellor, music or art therapist, or spiritual care provider can help you find ways to celebrate your family member’s legacy.