Chapter 2: What can I do?

Making the most of the time remaining

I've been there
Aimee and Mishi discuss their 3- year-old daughter's brain tumour diagnosis and their decision not to pursue treatment.(3:22)Video transcript
Aimee and Mishi talk about the importance of Stella meeting her younger brothers.(3:22)Video transcript
Bonnie talks about how collecting touchstones gave her and Ray strength. (3:22)Video transcript

We aren't certain how much time she has left. So while the official wedding will be in a few months, we decided to have a small ceremony at my mother's bedside with close family and friends.

Sometimes we need to change our plans and be creative. There can still be time to make good memories:

  • Plan a family outing to a place that has a special meaning.
  • Bring the birthday party to the hospital.
  • Organize a tribute party.
These trips and events should be planned with the input of the person who is dying, and together with the health care team to ensure the patient is safe and comfortable. The team can make sure:

  • Any pain will be well controlled.
  • The caregivers are not putting themselves at risk by taking on too much.