Chapter 1: How can I move through this loss?

Key ideas

  • Try to accept the death and learn what this loss means for you.
  • Try not to define yourself by your sadness and losses.
  • Naming your losses can help you understand how the death has affected you and the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Giving yourself permission to feel better can be difficult.
  • Set reasonable expectations for yourself while you grieve the loss of someone close.
  • Find ways for the person who died to remain a positive influence on your life (This is not always possible or desirable.)
  • Sort through personal belongings gradually so you do not become overwhelmed.
  • Remember that you may have bursts of grief. This is okay and can even be good for you.
  • Find ways to remember and honour the person who has died.
  • You may continue to re-tell and re-think your personal story over time.