Chapter 1: How can I move through this loss?

Remembering and honouring

I've been there
Aimee and Mishi discuss marking the anniversary of their daughter's death. (3:22)Video transcript
Aimee and Mishi discuss marking their daughter's birthday and other special days.(3:22)Video transcript
Valerie talks about marking milestones of her daughter's life.(3:22)Video transcript

Trying to forget the person who has died, and to put them out of your mind, takes a great deal of energy and is usually not productive. Making time to remember and honour this person can help:

  • Recognize their ongoing importance.
  • Celebrate good memories.
  • Recognize the difficult times.
  • Ultimately move forward.
Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Look over old photo albums with a friend or family member and celebrate good memories.
  • Plan a special evening or event that the person who has died would have enjoyed.
  • Invite friends to cook a favourite meal of the person who has died.
  • Start a scrap book or a memory box.
  • Write a letter to the person who died; tell them anything you would like them to know.
  • Arrange a special religious ceremony.
  • Plant a tree in the yard.
  • Volunteer for a meaningful organization.
  • Start a foundation/award in the name of the person who died.