Chapter 3: How has this loss affected my family?

Why does each member of my family react so differently?

I've been there
Valerie discusses how family members grieve differently.(3:22)Video transcript

I never saw my father cry until his father died. It was so unsettling because he has always been like a rock for me.

Sometimes your family's reactions will surprise and worry you. Each member will react and grieve differently. It's good to remember that everyone is doing the best they can at a stressful time.

My mother was so distant and withdrawn after my father died. My aunt, who was never close, suddenly became my main source of support.

You'll sometimes find that unexpected family members are there to support and help you.

The people you might expect to turn to for support might be withdrawn in their own grief. It’s common for a distant family member to become the go-to-person for everything.