Chapter 2: When someone in your family dies

Losing a child or grandchild

I cannot put words to the immensity of this loss.

"I didn't realize how many of my friendships were based on having children the same age.  Now I find it difficult spending time with these friends. Seeing their children and hearing about their milestones painfully reminds me that my child is gone."

Losing a child affects one's social life. You may be too exhausted to socialize, or you may find being around friends with children the same age as your child triggers grief.

Often people don't know what to say to a grieving parent; this can create awkward moments requiring even more energy. Many parents benefit by offering guidance such as: "Please keep talking about my daughter. It helps me to hear her name and to share stories about her."

Connecting with other grieving parents can be reassuring and help you feel less alone.