Chapter 1: What did this relationship mean to me?

How has this relationship affected me?

After the death of someone important to you, take time to reflect on the relationship. What role did it play in your life?

People can have a powerful effect on you long after they have died. How are you still influenced by this relationship?

The person who died might have had a negative effect on your life. You might not like a trait of theirs that you see in yourself.

It can be hard to talk about the negative qualities or traits of someone who has died and how this influenced you. However, it is good to reflect so you can work this through and move forward.

She was the person who taught me how to love. She made me a better person.

My childhood was very difficult, but he gave me hope about life.

He was always so worried about money and it made me worry too. I still worry about money, even though I know I don’t have to.

I will always remember the valuable lessons she taught me about persevering when things are rough.

She always scared me. I could never relax when I was with her and it put me constantly on edge. I want to re-discover some calmness in myself again.